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The transformation into utility computing can be extraordinary but it requires careful planning, execution and on-going management.  GMP Networks is an Amazon Web Services Consulting & Reseller partner and we can navigate the complexity of utility computing to help you reinvent your enterprise. 



The drivers behind cloud or utility computing are well documented – speed, flexibility, minimal startup costs and on-demand scaling.  To do utility computing well relies on skills and services that GMP Networks has honed for decades – proper fact gather and planning, meeting governance and regulatory requirements, managing transitions and ultimately delivering new digital platforms that fully support technical performance and. business strategic objectives.

Through our partnerships with AWS, private cloud platform providers and leading technology companies we deliver utility computing with high security, high performance and high availability.
Building on our foundation that extends through the whole history of modern computing we deliver:

- Desktop as a Service
- Server infrastructures
- Application hosting
- High performance databases
- Content delivery
- Backup and archiving

GMP Networks optimizes these virtual environments through continual monitoring, use of advanced performance metrics and consultation with our clients to assure that requirements and objectives are met.

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