Enterprise class utility computing
As an Amazon Web Services Consulting & Reseller partner, we are able to combine all of the advantages of on-demand computing with our extensive background in security, compliance and performance management.  In addition to well established on-demand resources for compute capacity, storage and disaster recovery we offer Desktop as a Service with high security and high availability.  This revolutionizes how desktop infrastructures are delivered and managed allowing our customers to reimagine how they operate and focus on what they do best.

Information systems security and managed security services
Every organization should concerned about security but few address the challenges well and often efforts are after something catastrophic has occurred.  GMP Networks goes beyond a best practices approach by designing, delivering and managing security solutions that make organizations more agile and competitive.  We are a comprehensive provider of security solutions and services including assessments of security architectures and practices, data availability, data loss prevention, solution implementation, training and policy development.

IT governance / Compliance Virtualization
As a leader in IT governance, we understand that effective governance leads to sounder and more competitive organizations. We not only address standards and frameworks such as PCI, HIPAA/HITECH and CoBIT, we also bring forward best practices that are enabling to all organizations irrespective of their regulatory requirements.

Virtual servers and desktops are rapidly moving out of the test bed and into production environments. With that comes an array of issues that GMP Networks addresses including overall architecture, data segregation, storage optimization and backup and recovery strategies. We deliver expertise in Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix and VMware.

Data management optimization

One of the greatest challenges facing organizations of all sizes is the extraordinary growth data and with that growth have come increasing requirements for availability and policy driven requirements for archiving.  We are well experienced with the industry’s best solutions for data archiving, data deduplication, solutions for legal discovery and leading edge next generation on hybrid storage soltutions.

GMP Networks
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